Spiritual Equation – Ceteris Paribus Guru

When we talk of meditation, we are actually talking about hypnosis; the two words are synonyms, for those who understand both. In this article, I will be discus... Continue Reading

Real and Unreal

Bhakti Yog

Stats on Statistics

Had it not been for Bharatvarsha, we would not have been able to write 10 or 100 or 1000. Nor would we have been able to score a 9.7 or 5.5....

Dashavatar – Matsya Avatar

Since the beginning of time, Lord Vishnu has manifested on earth to uphold dharma. In this series of articles, we will t...

Homosexuality and Vedas

Vedas predate all the other texts in the world and vedic culture is the basis of spiritual wealth of Bharatvarsha. This culture is as ancien... Continue Reading

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Guests On Terrace

I am presently pursuing my post-graduate studies and for this purpose stay away from home, in a hostel in Delhi. It was during my stay in De... Continue Reading

Shree Bhimashankar

Centuries ago Lord Shiv is said to have revealed himself to his true devotees in the form of a jyoti or a light. On their request for Him to... Continue Reading

Shakti Rudraksha

A rare bead, this Rudraksha is characterised by nine faces and nine lips. The shape of the bead is flatter than eight-mukhi, tending towards... Continue Reading