Experiences In Yoga

As you progress on the path of yoga, your experiences grow accordingly. Let no one else judge you, let your experiences guide you on the journey. If the experie... Continue Reading


Traitors of Past Life




Three Mukhi Rudraksh

You might have come across various descriptions on the utility of different faceted Rudraksha beads. But as always, we feel it is our duty t...


One-mukhi Rudraksha is the form of Lord Shankar himself. It is ruled by the Sun and enlightens the Super Consciousness. ...


Rediscovering Our Past

Mahabharata describes the city of Krishna’s Dwarka and also the war between Shalwa and Krishna. It mentions the various weapons used w... Continue Reading

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Sounds To Levitate

The idea of moving or lifting an object through non-contact forces has fascinated scientists since forever. Sound, is one such powerful forc... Continue Reading


Power of Yagya

I had heard and read many times about the power of chants and the magic of yagyas. Why?! Ravana through a yagya earned the nectar of immorta... Continue Reading


The Night Of Guru

July 30th 2015: The purnima of the month of Aashad holds special significance in the life of a spiritual aspirant, it is the night of Guru, ... Continue Reading


Detoxify Yourself

The importance of detoxification cannot be stressed upon enough in today’s day and age. Such is the level of impurity that everything ... Continue Reading


Gopal in Ukraine

Rosnika (meaning: dewdrop) is the force which caused a change of heart in Bykov Andrey and kick-started a noble drive which has taken shape ... Continue Reading



Veda, we know, is the supreme gyan, the source of all knowledge on earth – a fact which is reiterated by philosophers and intelligentsia, wo... Continue Reading


Copper Sunshine

Variations in colour of bottles and metals, when combined with Surya Prana, have a miraculous effect. Here, Yogi Ashwiniji describes the eff... Continue Reading